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Botox After Care


Treating yourself to a Botox procedure at Calvine Medical Aesthetics is a great way to feel fresh and rejuvenated. Botox is highly effective in diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, with patients seeing results within a week of treatment. Much of this effectiveness depends on the right care following treatment to ensure that your procedure is as successful as possible.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Repeated muscle contraction is the leading cause of wrinkles. During the procedure, your doctor will use a micro-needle to inject Botox into the muscle(s) or areas that your individual needs require; typically one to three injections are used per muscle. The injections temporarily block nerve signals to muscles, causing them to paralyze and eliminate contraction. The procedure can smooth wrinkles, prevent migraines, and treat other health problems. These effects can last for several months.

What to Expect After Treatment

Immediately after your treatment, you may notice small red bumps. These usually resolve in 20-30 minutes. Bruising is also a possibility, but will be very minimal and should diminish after a few days. You can reduce your risk of bruising by avoiding anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen or aspirin, which can cause blood thinning and worsen bruising. Finally, your muscle movement will be restricted. Rather than being a filler (which most people mistakenly think), Botox is actually a muscle relaxer, which will stop your muscles from moving when you frown or act surprised.

Botox After Care

Proper care can ensure successful results. The following tips can be helpful:

  • Avoid lying down for about four hours after the procedure and be sure to sleep on your back. Too much movement might move your injections around to unwanted places.
  • Avoid vigorous exercise and heavy lifting for a day after treatment to help keep the injected area(s) in place.
  • Don’t take strong painkillers or use alcohol following your procedure. Ask your clinician how to control any pain you may have and be sure to disclose any prescription medications you are taking.
  • Call your skin clinic about any concerns. They will happily give you advice and answer any questions that you may have.

Botox requires self-monitoring and safe aftercare. Remember that our doctors at Calvine Medical Aesthetics are available to assist you, so follow their advice. Whether it was for wrinkles, crows feet, frown lines, or migraines, for the next few months you can relax and bask in your new-found self-confidence. After that, head back to your practitioner for another treatment. Staying on a routine schedule will help maintain your new, youthful look. Follow these steps for proper after care and you will experience gorgeous cosmetic results.

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