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Common Skin Care Myths


Everyone wants a clear, radiant complexion, but thanks to the internet and old wive’s tales, there is a ton of skin care advice available and not all of it is good. The fact of the matter is that a lot of skincare advice doesn’t work and some skincare myths can even cause damage to your skin and health. Here are five common skin care myths debunked!

Myth #1: Acne is a result of not washing your face

Though popular, this is indeed a myth. Poor hygiene doesn’t play a role in the development of acne. In order for acne to develop, there needs to be a combination of bacteria, clogged pores, hormones, inflammation, oil production, and stress. So, while not washing your face regularly certainly won’t help the problem, it’s not the sole cause of acne.

Myth #2: You’ll age faster if you wear makeup regularly

Go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief. Makeup alone is not going to cause your skin to age rapidly. In fact, there are many beneficial makeup products available that actually nourish, protect, and improve your skin when applied. The most important thing to remember when wearing makeup is to thoroughly wash your face before bed to remove the dirt, oil, and toxins that have accumulated on your face throughout the day - which is what really causes aging.

Myth #3: You don’t need to moisturize if you have oily skin

Whether you have dry, combination, or oily skin you need to use some kind of moisturizer to balance and nourish your skin. The type of moisturizer needed depends on your complexion and Calvine Aesthetics can help you find your perfect match. While oily skin requires the least amount of moisture, a moisturizer is still vital for hydration and balance.

Myth #4: A spray tan protects your skin from sunburn

A spray tan only changes the color of your skin. Similar to the “base tan” myth, darker skin cells don’t provide any UV protection or act as a shield against sunburn. A spray tan can actually be worse for you since it is harder to recognize red, burning skin with a coat of paint on top of your natural color.

Myth #5: There’s no need for sunscreen in the fall or winter

The UV rays that cause skin damage and sunburn are always present, regardless of the season. The risk of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles are present year-round, even on a cloudy day, so it is important to apply sunscreen whenever you plan to spend time outdoors.

Beautiful, healthy skin is at the top of everyone’s wish list, but getting there might depend more on your ability to discern fact from fiction when it comes to skincare. It is important to research products and talk with our doctors and staff at Calvine Medical Aesthetics to ensure you are taking care of your skin properly and thoroughly. Let us help you create a customized skincare routine that is right for you - schedule an appointment today!

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