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PRP Treatments for the Scalp - Slowing and Reversing Hair Loss for Men and Women


Are you experiencing hair loss or thinning? Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is a natural, organic treatment option that can have a positive impact on hair growth. PRP therapy uses injections of your own blood platelets to stimulate hair growth when placed inside the scalp.

Why We Lose Hair

There are various reasons why an individual may lose hair over their lifetime, including hereditary factors, changes in hormone levels, cancer treatments, thyroid disorders, and other causes. Hair loss occurs when the health of the hair follicle declines due to a lack of nutrient absorption. The hair follicle then begins to shrink, thinning the hair and causing shorter growth stages.

How PRP Treatments Work

PRP injections are prepared by taking a blood sample and running it through a centrifuge. The centrifuge separates the blood into layers, isolating red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells, and plasma. At the end of the process, the isolated platelets are mixed with a small amount of plasma to create the injectable PRP. These platelets contain a range of growth factors that stimulate the natural restoration process of the body.

The PRP is applied to the scalp via a specialty hand-held device that creates several tiny channels. Once the channels have been established, the PRP is applied, absorbed into the skin, and delivers the vital growth factors directly to the hair follicles.

PRP hair loss treatments can have drastic effects, depending on the patient’s unique biology. The process takes about an hour and several sessions may be necessary. Most patients see results after just a few months, when the hair follicles have had the opportunity to experience boosted growth due to the PRP. Typically, a minimum of 3 sessions are needed to see optimal results, with several treatments per year thereafter. Because the PRP is the patient’s own biological material, it eliminates the possibility of a rejection response by the body. After receiving PRP, you can usually return to your regular activities without any limitations.

Platelet Rich Plasma is quite amazing when it comes to several medical applications such as arthritis, collagen loss, and hair restoration. If you are interested in improving your hair growth and want to avoid hair transplantation surgery, contact Calvine Medical Aesthetics today to see if PRP is right for you!

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