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Why You Should Think Twice About Botox Parties


Botox parties are currently trending, luring in women (and some men) who hope to share the Botox experience without ever stepping foot into a medical spa or clinic. While the idea may sound appealing (no appointments or wait time, and the camaraderie of friends), there are many risks involved, including infection, potential allergic reaction, and other serious side effects.

What is a Botox party?
A Botox party is a social gathering at someone’s home, where someone (usually not a qualified medical provider) comes to administer Botox or fillers to a large group. In this type of casual, social environment, Botox often becomes more appealing to first-time users, especially when treatments are offered at a discount. The party hosts who turn their homes into a spa for the evening typically receive special discounts, offers, or free products as incentives.

The risks of Botox parties
While Botox itself is FDA-approved and offers natural looking wrinkle reduction to refresh and renew your skin, the treatments require the expertise of a certified medical professional for safe and effective results. Botox treatments block nerve signals to your facial muscles, reducing facial muscle activity and temporarily preventing the contraction of muscles that cause laugh lines, frown lines, and crow’s feet.

Complications can occur when the injections are not administered in the right place or dosage, and more serious side effects include vision problems, muscle weakness, or trouble speaking. When injections are performed outside of a sterile and controlled medical environment, these risk factors only increase. In the event of an allergic reaction or serious side effect, a medical professional in a spa or clinic is much better equipped to handle an emergency than someone administering injections at a party.

Patients should also be consulted and consented individually before receiving treatments, something that usually doesn’t happen at a Botox party. And if you’re asked to sign a waiver before treatment, you’re essentially giving up any kind of legal protection that you have as a patient.

Safety first
If you’re considering Botox to reverse or prevent the signs of aging, don’t take chances on a party or social setting. At Calvine, we offer the high quality aesthetic services and medical expertise to help you safely and effectively reach your goals. Learn more about Botox from Calvine Medical Aesthetics.

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